Toilet Accessories

Division 10 Specialties, Section 10800 sheds light on the vast spectrum of Toilet Accessories. These accessories, though often overlooked, play a crucial role in enhancing user experience, ensuring comfort, convenience, and hygiene in restroom spaces. From sleek hand dryers and sanitary dispensers to sturdy washroom fittings, these products contribute both functionally and aesthetically to public and private restrooms. Brands like American Specialties, Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Excel Dryer, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, and Kimberly Clark lead the industry in providing top-tier, innovative solutions. Others, such as Game, Men, Allied Hand Dryers, Dyson Hand Dryers, Kohler, Georgia Pacific, World Dryer, Bradley Corp, Koala Kare Products, and A&J Washroom Accessories, further underscore the sector's diversity, presenting a wide array of products tailored for different settings and user preferences.

10800 Toilet Accessories