KD/All Welded/Metal Lockers

Division 10 Metal Lockers offers high-quality steel lockers in various sizes, colors, and locking options for personal, commercial, and industrial storage. We have ventilated single, double, and triple-tier lockers suitable for schools, gyms, offices, and warehouses. Our lockers provide ample space for sports equipment, tools, and office files. Choose us for safe, secure, and convenient storage.

Phenolic Lockers

Division 10 Phenolic lockers are a robust, hygienic storage solution suitable for humid environments, such as pools, spas, and gyms. They resist moisture and impact, and come in various sizes and configurations for individual or shared use. Choose from a range of locking mechanisms to secure belongings. With easy cleaning and low maintenance requirements, these lockers are a valuable investment.

Plastic Laminate Lockers

Division 10 Plastic lockers are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion and wear, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use in schools, swimming pools, gyms, spas, and commercial facilities. They're available in different sizes and colors, and are easy to assemble and maintain. Being eco-friendly and recyclable, plastic lockers offer a great alternative to metal or wooden ones. Overall, plastic lockers are a cost-effective storage solution that match any d├ęcor, making them an excellent choice for any environment.

Glass Lockers

Introducing our exclusive 10500 Division 10 Glass Lockers - your ultimate choice for achieving a sleek and contemporary look. Glass lockers boast a stunning back-painted finish, available in a spectrum of on-trend colors, allowing you to craft any ambiance your space desires while seamlessly blending into your existing design.

Stainless Steel Lockers

Division 10 Stainless steel lockers are a durable and strong storage option used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. They are rust and corrosion resistant, easy to maintain and clean, and available in different sizes and configurations to fit specific storage needs. They are commonly used in healthcare facilities, schools, gyms, and high-end retail and commercial spaces for reliable and secure storage.

Wood Lockers

Division 10 Wood Lockers - Door options include solid, veneer, or plastic laminate. They are made for any size specifications you design. Best uses for Wood Lockers include country clubs, resorts, athletic facilities, employee lounges, etc

Pistol Lockers

Division 10 Pistol Lockers, meticulously crafted to provide a safe and secure storage solution for handguns and pistols across various settings. Engineered with advanced security features, these pistol lockers are designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor environments, offering versatile protection. With options ranging from light-duty to medium-duty and heavy-duty constructions, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our pistol lockers to safeguard your valuable firearms. Explore our range and experience peace of mind knowing your pistols are stored with the utmost care and security.

Evidence Lockers

Division 10 Evidence Lockers, purpose-built to ensure the secure and organized storage of crucial evidence across diverse investigative environments. Engineered with precision, our evidence lockers offer unparalleled security, enhancing the integrity of your investigative processes. Whether you require indoor or outdoor capabilities, our evidence lockers are designed to meet your specific needs. With a variety of configurations and security levels to choose from, including light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty options, you can rely on our evidence lockers to safeguard vital evidence, maintaining the chain of custody with the utmost reliability and confidence. Explore our selection today and elevate the level of trust and accountability in your investigative operations.

Personnel Lockers

Division 10 Personnel Lockers play a pivotal role in maintaining order, security, and personal organization. Designed with both functionality and convenience in mind, these lockers cater to the unique needs of employees, students, or staff. Here are five essential features to consider when selecting the ideal design for Division 10 Personnel Lockers