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Rocky Duron Sells, Delivers & Installs Division 9, 10 and 11 Products

At Rocky Duron, we’re about crafting complete environments. Our broad expertise spanning Division 9, 10, and 11 specialties ensures that every detail, from elegant finishes to essential equipment, is catered to with precision.

Division 9 – Finishes: From resilient flooring to paint and coatings, our finishes transform spaces. Our offerings in gypsum board, tile flooring, wall coverings, and more ensure the final touch to any project is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Division 10 – Specialties: We provide an array of products such as toilet partitions, signage, lockers, and fire extinguishers. Every product, whether it’s visual display boards or bicycle racks, contributes to making buildings functional and user-friendly.

Division 11 – Equipment: Our equipment solutions encompass a range of sectors including athletic, medical, security, and food service. We source and install cutting-edge audio-visual, theatrical, laboratory, and waste management equipment, ensuring peak operational efficiency.

Every project deserves the Rocky Duron touch. Whether you’re looking to enhance the visual appeal, functionality, or technological edge of your space, we have the expertise and product range to make it happen. Dive into our “Division 9, 10 & 11 products” today. Collaborate with Rocky Duron – where quality, innovation, and service unite.

Why Choose Rocky Duron & Associates

Professional Installation

Our expert installers not only complete projects ahead of schedule but ensure they remain within the budget. Trained in Division 10 Product installation, they undergo regular safety training, ensuring a seamless and secure project delivery.


Whether you’ve purchased from us or not, our repair specialists are at your service. With a focus on Division 10 Specialties, we provide repairs and part replacements, extending the life of your equipment.

CAD Design

With swift turnarounds, our in-house CAD design team enhances project layouts for optimal operation. Collaborating closely with architects, general contractors, or end-users, we ensure potential challenges are addressed upfront, preventing unforeseen issues.

Electrostatic and Custom Painting

Achieve a pristine finish with our top-tier electrostatic and custom painting services. Catering to various metal products, from lockers to flagpoles, our team offers color matching and schedules flexibility, ensuring your project's aesthetic needs are met.

Demo, Removal, Relocation

Navigating the complexities of demolition, removal, or relocation? Trust our seasoned team to handle it with precision. We approach every project with diligence, keeping you updated at every juncture.


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Your Division Specialties project deserves the expertise and dedication that RDA brings. Let's collaborate and shape your vision into reality.

Why Choose Us


Based in the heart of Dallas, TX, Rocky Duron and Associates proudly offers a wide range of Division 10 commercial construction products to clients nationwide. As Dallas natives, we're deeply rooted in the community and bring that local touch to our national operations. Our offerings encompass a diverse range, from commercial restroom accessories and projection screens to fire extinguishers, visual display boards, toilet partitions, and much more. We don't just stop at sales; we also provide expert installation for all our products, ensuring you receive the utmost in quality and functionality.

Our expansive 30,000 square foot facility allows us to maintain a substantial inventory, stocking diverse products in multiple colors and sizes. This scale not only facilitates faster deliveries but also means we can offer the best products at competitive wholesale prices. At Rocky Duron and Associates, quality and customer satisfaction remain at the forefront of everything we do.

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