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Rocky Duron & Associates

A Journey Through Time with Rocky Duron & Associates

From humble beginnings in a garage in 1987 to our expansive 30,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse today, Rocky Duron & Associates (RDA) embodies a journey of passion, perseverance, and excellence. Founded by the visionary, Rocky Duron, alongside his dedicated son, Ruben, our company’s growth is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the Division 10 specialty industry.

Rooted deeply in Texas, Rocky identified a pressing need for comprehensive material handling solutions. Starting with a straightforward philosophy – no project is complete until the customer is entirely satisfied – RDA initially focused on lockers, benches, and related products. Our relentless pursuit for quality and consistency led to our rapid growth, prompting us to relocate within just 18 months of inception. As years progressed, so did our ambitions. Recognizing further opportunities in material-handling and office solutions, we expanded our portfolio to include shelving, storage systems, in-plant offices, corner and wall guards, partitions/accessories, and a plethora of other Division 9, 10, and 11 products.

Our evolution, while marked by milestones, has been enriched by people. Rocky’s other son, Marcus, driven by the same passion and dedication as his father and brother, joined RDA. Today, Marcus stands at the helm as the President and CEO, guiding RDA to new heights while maintaining the foundational values set by his father. Rocky Duron & Associates isn’t just about business; it’s about family, legacy, and the spirit of Texas. Our success isn’t merely measured by milestones but by the relationships we’ve fostered and the countless clients we’ve satisfied along the way. Welcome to our journey. Welcome to RDA.

Our Commitment and Mission

At RDA, our mission remains unchanged: We commit ourselves to superior customer service by providing products and services delivered to our customers exact specifications. We will continue to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty by exceeding their expectations. The key to success is our philosophy to always make every customer #1.

Our Current Leadership Team

Division 10 specialists

Marciano "Rocky" Duron

(Founder and Chairman)

An emblem of hard work and visionary thinking, Rocky’s journey from laying the first brick to establishing RDA is a testament to his passion for excellence and commitment to customers. His leadership laid the foundation for RDA’s remarkable growth and reputation.

Marcus S. Duron

(President and CEO)

Embracing a multi-generational legacy, Marcus S. Duron takes charge of the family business. With a passion for innovation, he’s poised to expand horizons. Committed to excellence, Marcus is steering the company towards a prosperous future, ensuring a lasting impact for generations ahead.

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Recognitions and Certifications

As a proud Veteran Owned Business, our roots extend deep into the values of service, commitment, and excellence. Not only do we celebrate our heritage as a Hispanic Owned Business, but we also stand tall with our numerous certifications and awards:

Recognizing our commitment to business growth and diversity.

An acknowledgment of our relentless pursuit of excellence in construction.
Celebrating our contribution as a minority business.
A testament to our foundation on the principles of service and leadership.

Awards & Honors:

RDA's specialized expertise in Division 9, 10, and 11 products has garnered numerous accolades, affirming their dedication to excellence. These milestones include prestigious awards that recognize their outstanding contributions and commitment to innovation and quality.

Being acknowledged as a top 500 Hispanic business in the United States is a testament to Rocky Duron & Associates’ exceptional achievements and leadership within not only the Hispanic business community but also as a distinguished Division 10 specialty company. This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation across diverse business landscapes, further strengthening our reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

Securing a spot among the Dallas Morning News’ top 100 minority businesses underscores Rocky Duron and Associates’ exceptional contributions, exemplifying our commitment to excellence and diversity within the business landscape.

Attaining the distinction of the Top Distributor Award in Division 9, 10, and 11 specialty products reflects Rocky Duron and Associates’ unparalleled expertise and dedication, solidifying our position as a trusted leader in the industry.

Earning the Texas Subcontractors Association’s Excellence in Construction Award showcases our relentless dedication to quality and innovation, spotlighting Rocky Duron and Associates as a distinguished leader in the construction industry.

Receiving the Associated General Contractors of America Award underscores Rocky Duron and Associates’ industry-leading performance, highlighting our commitment to excellence and our impact on shaping the construction landscape.