Division 10


Lockers for all applications: Metal, Wood, Phenolic, Coin-Operated, Plastic & Stainless Steel

Toilet Partitions

Division 10: Modern, durable toilet partitions for commercial restrooms.

Toilet Accessories

Division 10: High-quality toilet accessories enhancing restroom functionality

Fire Extinguishers
Fire Cabinets and Knox Boxes

Division 10: Fire extinguishers, Fire cabinets, and Knox boxes for safety

Visual Display Boards

Division 10: Dynamic Visual Display boards for engaging presentations and displays
Division 10 Wall and Corner Guards

Wall & Corner Guards

Division 10 Wall & Corner Guards: Sturdy Rails ensuring interior protection and style

Cubicle Curtain & Tracks

Division 10: Streamlined cubicle curtains and tracks for privacy and fluidity.

Flag Poles

Division 10350 Premium flag poles designed for durability and visual appeal

Postal Specialties

Division 10: Essential postal specialties for organized mail distribution.

Louvers and Vents

Louvers & Vents, key in HVAC & architecture, ensure airflow & protect interiors

Wire Mesh

Division 10: Resilient wire mesh solutions, blending function with design aesthetics.

Operable Partitions

Operable Partitions in Division 10 offer spatial adaptability and sound privacy for diverse spaces.

Storage Shelving

Division 10's storage shelving: Space optimization meets design

Projection Screens

Lockers for all applications: Metal, Wood, Phenolic, Coin-Operated, Plastic & Stainless Steel

Dock Levelers/Equipment

Dock levelers bridge gaps for seamless, safe loading and unloading in logistics.

Access Flooring

Division 10: Innovative access flooring for versatile and efficient space design.

Floor Mats/Grills

Floor mats & grills, ADA compliant and durable, ensure safety and aesthetics in high-traffic zones

Other Specialty Items

Division 10 Specialty Items from Appliances to Ceiling Fans, Roller Shades, Fireplaces and Pits

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Based in the heart of Dallas, TX, Rocky Duron and Associates proudly offers a wide range of Division 10 commercial construction products to clients nationwide. As Dallas natives, we're deeply rooted in the community and bring that local touch to our national operations. Our offerings encompass a diverse range, from commercial restroom accessories and projection screens to fire extinguishers, visual display boards, toilet partitions, and much more. We don't just stop at sales; we also provide expert installation for all our products, ensuring you receive the utmost in quality and functionality.

Our expansive 30,000 square foot facility allows us to maintain a substantial inventory, stocking diverse products in multiple colors and sizes. This scale not only facilitates faster deliveries but also means we can offer the best products at competitive wholesale prices. At Rocky Duron and Associates, quality and customer satisfaction remain at the forefront of everything we do.