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Services offered by Rocky Duron & Associates, Inc.

Professional Installation

Our professional Installers are trained to complete projects ahead of schedule, keeping your project within budget. We offer Installation Services on all Division 10 Products. Our installers go through continuous safety education and training to make your installation go as smoothly and safely as possible.


If new or used products are not an option, we offer repairs on many of the products that we sell. Even if it was not purchased from us we will still repair and refurbish your equipment. Our repair team specializes in repair and replacement parts for all Division 10 Specialties.

CAD Design

Our in-house CAD design team completes the submissions just days after receiving the plans. Using our years of experience, we custom design each layout to maximize operation or provide assistance to the architect designer, general contractor or end consumer. We analyze possible alternatives or problems at the beginning of the project so there is no surprises.

Electrostatic and Custom Painting

We offer the highest level of electrostatic or customized painting for any type of metal products; lockers, shelving, cabinets, flagpoles or anything with a metal surface. We can color match at your request and our professional electrostatic painters will work around your schedule to give you the very best job within the time frame you have.

Demo, Removal, Relocation

Our team of experts will ensure that your demo, removal or relocation is done with the up-most amount of care. We understand that removing or moving something can be more difficult than installing, so we will first assess the situation and keep you informed every step of the way.